The stylish keyboards player, composer and compelling vocalist continues to enthrall audiences, when he serves up a unique jazz-rooted blend of musical influences that stands alone for its inventiveness, integrity and infectious grooves. Indeed, Ghalib Ghallab defies any easy categories as Ghallab delivers an array of alluring sounds ranging from modern Smooth Jazz and cool Latin Bossa Nova's to Classical Trio-Format Jazz. 

 "I just call it Ghalib Ghallab music," says the modest Chicago-born Ghallab, whose engaging live performances and distinctive sound have made him one of Las Vegas’ most respected and requested entertainers. "My playing is percussive and always aiming for that special groove that hits home. That’s what I’m all about, making people feel good and playing what comes naturally. 

 "I truly feel blessed to be able to express myself musically and make my audiences happy," he continues. "I love to entertaining and working hard while having fun. It doesn’t get any better than that." 

The Experience is rounded out by talented musicians, who helps supply a solid rythem for Ghalib’s craftsmanship on electric and acoustic pianos. Ghalib’s dexterous right hand fires out thrilling keyboard runs while his solid left helps anchor the trio’s ever ready grooves and adventurous improvisations. Ghalib is a entertainer thats not to be missed! 






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